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Pewter Inlay Turkey Call Set

Pewter Inlay Turkey Call Set

PriceFrom $503.00

The pewter turkey call set  is made form eastern cedar. It is a pot call with a slate striker plate half covered with a pewter standing turkey inlay. The box call is a "gobbler getter" with a struting turkey inlay in the side of the box and the striker paddle is a hand carved feather.Add a hand carved one piece stiker with two feathers on the top and a flared end for the pot call and you have a set of turkey calls second to none.

ship within 60 days

This  turkey call set has the option to come with or without a custom box. The box comes standard with a flying turkey hand carved in the lid, but can be changed to your choice of wildlife scene, name or just about anything you would want. Contact us for custom carving.

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